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write it down. dream it up

The Dream Pillow makes going to bed fun, encouraging kids to craft stories to dream up.

Each Dream Set Includes:

The Dream Pillow

The Dream Pillow Storybook

60 Dream Pillow Blank Card Ideas

Grows Creativity

Teach your child about the power of positive thinking while they create fun, silly, and adventurous dreams to visualize.

Your Special Ritual

Bond with your child each night & allow them to open up, all while growing their confidence!

Bye, Bye Bad Dreams!

Visualization of happy dreams before bed is a proven technique for putting an end to bad dreams.

the Dream Pillow story

Dreamt up by 7-year old Harper Miller, the Dream Pillow helps kids dream good dreams. Her brother had scary nightmares, so she would encourage him to use his imagination to craft stories that he wished to dream. They would imagine what it feels like to swim with the dolphins, explore the jungle, or even fly. Soon enough, this technique allowed them both to realize they are in charge of their dreams. And more, if children can change their dreams with the power of positive thinking, what else can they do when they simply dream big?

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"From the adorable packaging to the storybook that shows you what to do, this concept is brilliant. It helps with bad dreams, but it’s also created a nightly ritual where I get to read with my little girl and then watch her imagination at work. The BEST thing is she actually wants to go to sleep."

- Katrina, Beyond Proper

"My girls still wake us up because they had a bad dream. I’ve been trying to find something that would help them to worry less when they went to sleep."

- Heather, The Super Mom Life Blog

"My kids love their Dream Pillows! Lots of good dreams being written at bedtime."

- Heather, Local Mom Scoop

"The Dream Pillow is great to share with my son Evan as he gets older to share his dreams"

- Lauren Gores Ireland, You and Lu

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